Zita Tajima, Japanese interpreter, Paris

My family was lucky enough to have known Uncle Géza from the time we were little children, thanks to the fact that he was a good friend of my father's. I have so many dear memories from this time period of his stories and caring kindliness. At the age of six I began taking his gymnastics classes, together with my siblings, and I continued studying with him for twenty years until I moved away from home.

These gymnastics classes played a crucial role in our lives and development, and offered so much to us not only physically, but intellectually and spiritually as well.

I feel that without Uncle Géza's guidance, nothing would have turned out as successfully as it did. It always gave us such a wonderful sense of security to knowthat no matter what problem we presented to him, it could be solved through following his advice.

Since I went abroad I actually live on what he taught us, holding it in my mind and heart and trying to pass down as much of it as possible to my children. There is not a day when I don't stop to think about his teachings.

I feel that from him I received a whole lifetime's worth of the most valuable counsel, and for that I will always be grateful and remember him with love.