Zsuzsa Szever M.D., pediatric neurologist, department head, Budapest

Once while on duty as a young doctor, I began to experience lower back pain which very rapidly intensified. I grew less and less able to bend over, and gradually even sitting and standing became painful.

During the course of examination, a spinal abnormality was brought to light and I began the usual treatments. Unfortunately, they were all useless. My ability to move became increasingly more limited and painful.

It was at this time that I met Professor Dr. Géza Kovács. First through passive, and gradually through active exercises, he completely restored my ability to move and with it my enjoyment of life returned. He treated me with incredible patience and understanding. Eventually I became better able to move than in my high school days.

Since that time I have remained in awe of his boundless imagination and the vast knowledge with which he continuously produced new, diversified exercises for us, actively working each part of our bodies.

I will always be a great admirer of his pedagogical intuitiveness and the charismatic strength of his personality, with which he was ever able to inspire the participants in each one of his workout classes.

I believe that Dr. Géza Kovács's exercise system is ingenious and phenomenal, and I am happy that I had the chance to be one of his students.