Dr. Miklós Réthelyi, university professor, director of the Anatomy Institute of the Semmelweis Medical University, Budapest

One of the wonderful gifts of Uncle Géza's classes was the fact that he always treated each person as a union of mind, body, and spirit. We who attended his classes not only received his uniquely excellent physical fitness training, but we were also able to partake of his wisdom to help us steer our lives more successfully. Uncle Géza was a creative teacher in the most complete sense of the word, whose tremendous knowledge, life experience, and benevolently charismatic personality have proved to be richly-yielding treasures in the lives of his students.

Uncle Géza was a complete person. How wonderful was the physical, mental, and spiritual integrity that he exemplified for us. Nowadays most life systems are on the verge of falling apart and disintegrating. Very hard work is required for integrity to develop, persevere, and flourish: it is something that must be created and striven for. In this he gave us a beautiful example.

For years I was a participant in his classes. I never ceased to be amazed at the inexhaustible treasury of his creative imagination and the compositional ability with which he constantly produced new physical exercises for us based on sound scientific knowledge and expertise. I am an anatomist, and thus I know the human body in great detail. In the workout classes I experienced with my own body how Uncle Géza's exercises bestirred even the most neglected muscles in combinations that were arranged with unbelievable purposefulness.

Among the Professor's extraordinary talents I must highlight the strength of his interrelational and community-building skills. He was always immediately able to find the common ground between people and to draw newcomers into the class's friendly and cooperative atmosphere.

In the name of the many many tired, cramp-racked musicians, teachers, artists, sculptors, doctors, computerists, and participants representing the various other professions, we express our thanks for this life-giving gift we continuously received from the Professor.