György Kurtág, composer, Márta Kurtág pianist

(This letter was written by György Kurtág and his wife, Márta, to Dr. Géza Kovács in celebration of his 77th birthday.)

Dear, Beloved Uncle Géza,

We cannot be present at this celebration, so at least may these words of ours reach you. For 30 years, our work, our teaching, and our everyday lives have been bound by inseparable ties to your work and your teaching. Your influence can be felt by our son, our grandchildren, our students, and even by our students' students.

The fact that we were able to study with you regularly - or almost regularly - has played a large part in our professional achievements; and you must also be credited for the fact that, at 68 and 66 years of age, we are still this able-bodied and capable of work.

What you offer is much more, much richer and more important, than the unassuming name of your classes: "The Care of Musical Work Capacity". What you represent is a system of thought, a pedagogical concept, and a way of living that is not limited to gymnastics exercises.

(Although even after 30 years, we are still introduced to completely new, never-before-tried exercises in almost every class, and we never cease to marvel at this inexhaustible flow of imagination which ever creates new movements and movement combinations).

We witnessed some difficult years when the "official" sector proved to be obtuse and uncooperative. But we realize that this seems to be the lot of every soul who blazes new trails, and, like you, is in some way ahead of his time.

It is a great treasure in our lives that we were able to be your students.

Thank You!


Gyuri & Márta Kurtág

Berlin, November 17, 1993.