Gábor Kosa, composer, percussionist

Back in my college days even a half-hour's work was difficult for me. A few years later, the mornings of my solo percussion recitals would be spent moving and unpacking instruments, preparing the stage, and practicing. Following this I would eat lunch at around 5 p.m., rest for one or two hours, and then play my entire program from memory. I was able to handle the day's tasks gracefully without getting tired.

I have Uncle Géza to thank for this increase in productivity. Surely many people remember his trail-blazing methods, his unbelievable theoretical erudition, and his fantastic physical and intellectual accomplishments.

I would like to highlight the fact that for him, the person was always the most important point of focus, and each individual's needs, goals, and legitimate desire for a harmonious life were the basis from which he created his entire life-work.

Unfortunately, our society holds everything else to be more important; technology-oriented civilization, materialism, and ostentatious but false success. In our topsy-turvy world, very few people are capable of finding their way correctly, and even fewer are brave enough to act in the interest of others. It is still a greater gift when one's actions are truly effective. Uncle Géza provided an exceptional example for us in all of these aspects.