Dr. Klára Kokas music pedagogue, Budapest Dr. Géza Kovács has not only attended to my physical wellness andwork capacity level for two decades, he has also been a model of serenity and wisdom for me. With constant amazement I watch the patience he sustains for each individual person, and the trust he exhibits toward people of varying ages, constitutions, and abilities.

Without force or even effort he directs us toward perfection, aware of our clumsiness but always expanding the momentary boundaries of our abilities which we believe to be so stubbornly fixed.

We learn about the body's functions, its rules of operation, the circulation and ventilation of fluids, and a thousand other important details about ourselves.

Dr. Géza Kovács has created and continues to create an unparalleled life-work through the fact that for more than twenty years, he has surprised his students with new exercise sequences, discoveries, and fresh knowledge in every one of his classes.

From him I learn the sure human prerequisites for the art of teaching.

(Excerpt from the book, "Joy, Magic Heavenly Spark" by Dr. Klára Kokas. Budapest Akkord Publisher, 1998.)