Dr. György Kokas, horticultural engineer, Greece

The Professor's presence has permeated my life for almost 30 years. Now, even 2000 kilometers away, I work out every morning to his tapes and I read through my afternoon exercise program from his letters.

If I have any kind of problem, even at the age of 56 I run to the telephone to ask his advice. Our relationship began when I was in my 20's, when I suffered from such severe spinal pain that I could not stand for more than ten minutes at a time, I could not even lift my left leg enough to climb the steps onto a bus, and I had been sleeping on the floor for several months.

I learned from the example of my sister, who had undergone an operation for rachicele (spinal hernia), and I did not resort to having a spinal operation. Instead, I began a cautious movement program under Uncle Géza's counsel.

My favorite place was the Hüvösvölgy forest sportsfield, which the Professor had designed. It was to this place that I would drive out as often as I possibly could to struggle through the prescribed exercises under the beech trees. In the beginning even the least challenging level was difficult for me, but later I could easily manage the most difficult one with my one-year-old daughter on my back.

Unfortunately I was not born with a strong constitution I have to work daily to maintain even a basic degree of fitness and I am often sick. In these areas the Professor, who always hit the nail on the head, helped the most. I received a lifelong gift from him, for which I most lovingly thank him.