Károly Halmai, psychologist, Budapest

The joy of activity is extremely important in every area of life.

The atmosphere that Uncle Géza created with his radiant personality caused the beneficial physiological effects from the exercises we did in his gymnastics classes to multiply many times. Often I arrived at his classes laden heavily with worries, but after only a few minutes I was able to completely unwind and perform the exercises with my heart and soul, totally forgetting what previously oppressed me. Many people remark with wonder at my youthful motility, and it is obvious from their behavior that they are not just saying it out of politeness.

For this I have Uncle Géza to thank.

My life is brighter and my confidence is greater since having attended his classes. I can relate a whole list of positive physiological effects that I have experienced my blood pressure has stabilized, my ability to concentrate has improved, my level of mental awareness and physical stamina are excellent, I am immune to catching colds, and my body weight is stable and ideal.

For all of these things I would hereby like to express my gratitude and thanks.