Mrs. Franciska Érháti-Antal, high school teacher, Budapest

I am 53 years old. A few years ago I was suffering from seriousspinal maladies and tried every hospital in town. To my greatest despair, every doctor said I was incurable. The constant overtime hours and hectic lifestyle had brought on high blood pressure, for which I had to take medicine continually. It was at this time that I met Uncle Géza and began attending his lifesaving gymnastics classes.

That was three years ago. Besides having attended his workout classes, I also continuously practice the exercises at home that he prescribed specifically for me.

The effect of all of these things has been that my unbearable back pains quickly disappeared, I gradually was able to discontinue blood pressure medication, and my general state of health and work capacity level have improved enormously.

My colleagues inquire how I am able to still smile after teaching a 12-hour day. My reply is simply to give them Uncle Géza's telephone number.