Topics of the further development programmes

  • The physical aspects of the musical occupation/performance
  • The traditional vs the modern way of life of a musician
  • Preventing musical occupational hazards (motoric system, nervous system)
  • A test to gauge musical work capacity
  • The development of endurance during practising
  • The reasonable working method
  • Warming up before playing the instrument
  • Relieving tiredness through relaxing exercises
  • Breathing issues in music teaching and artistic practice
  • The physical means of overcoming excessive stage fright
  • Economical instrument technique
  • The development of movement co-ordination
  • Caring for the hand
  • Improving posture
  • Maintaining the balance of hormone and nervous control
  • Relaxing hand massage for instrumentalists
  • Practising an exercise programme in the case of work capacity

The Balloon Exercise Supports Muscles at Play on the Keyboard